more of a feeling than a dance


more of a feeling than a dance is about [documenting / archiving / marking] the [body / self / becoming] in relation to the Flesh of [space / time / memory / tonality] (both intimate and exterior). these ephemeral frames of land/sound/body-scape exist in the continual Present, giving a Future to the Past–– each playback a localization of a memory, a memory of a memory, a performance of a memory, a memory of a dream, a fiction of a reality on a plane of abstracted time. they evoke and integrate [old / new] truths, imaginations, lessons, evolutions, sensation, detail in [retrospect / reverb / recollection / reconfiguration]. a birthing of myself, a study of me (studying the source of knowledge that comes from our very own bodies), a diary that fills in some of the intangible gaps my written journal leaves (for Language is not only text, but also image, space, movement, etc.). a way for future selves to Grieve, to recall Home in temporary spaces, to mark the corners of my World, to learn more about the worlds around me and inside of me, to embody the Poetics of Space. guided by our intimate oneness and connectivity as i’m becoming deeply uninterested in (bored by, INTOLERANT OF, even?) Movement / Dance as a practice (of Perfection?) that exists solely in the studio, on a stage, so isolated / Un-Integrated from life and humanity…

Rest as a Form of Protest, Spotlight Gallery, Pasadena, 2020, online, 2020 

ballad of a blood moon

a queer diasporic wushu film directed by jing niu, movement directed by jasmine lin, starring kyoko takenaka
coming in 2020 

directed by lee noble & anna lian tes, choreographed by jasmine lin, starring olive kimoto
coming in 2020 

Influenced by actual events involving a political assassination at an airport, LOL is multi-channel video work that functions as a meditation on surveillance, voyeurism, and the mediation of information. Its images have been copied and distilled through layers of the internet, and then recreated and transmogrified as they filtered through my process of examination.
set photography: gabrielle messineo

in collaboration with petri delights
During lockdown, Petri Delights created bacterial realms in which uncanny creatures morph their bodies, joining and melting into exquisite corpses to recreate an intimacy that has been lost in the current climate and diluted within the digital sphere.

hatch transmissions, brainchild festival, online, 2020

Animated & Directed by Cindy Lin
Choreographed and Performed by Jasmine Lin
Original Soundtrack by Ellington Peet
Filmed & Edited by Joaquin Barlow

APHAM Phase: Red Lantern, Red Light, Chewing Foil Gallery, 2019

weird sisters

directed & choreographed by jasmine lin
featuring jenny kwak, jacyln chu & jas lin
DP: daniela herrera

a smile is something special

directed by danielle hollander & nicole cooke
choreography + performance by jasmine lin
clothing by persona 

new wight gallery, 2016