morning exorcise

Studio: Spring 2019 @ REDCAT Theater

Performance artist Jasmine Lin 林思穎 utilizes the ritualistic repetition of Chinese morning exercises (早操 zâo cāo) to purge the body of oppressive socialized choreographies in Morning Exorcise. They draw from Japanese Butoh and documentary theatre to create a transgressive alternative addressing the experiences, histories, and traumas of their queer body of color.  

Seed [種]

Asian America: The Future Is Now @ Highways Performance Space
in collaboration with / directed by kyoko takenaka 

resistance through rituals

DOCUMENTARY IN MOTION @ Power Station of Art, Shanghai
dir. jiamin hu / choreo. jasmine lin / costume yu luo (2018)

mirror rubbing 摸鏡

no longer negotiable (group show) @ nous tous gallery, los angeles (2017)

Mirror Rubbing is a multimedia performance by dancer Jasmine Lin & animator Xingpei Shen that meditates on the vulnerable position of lesbianism in between diasporic understandings. 磨镜 [mó jìng], literally meaning “to rub or grind a mirror,” was a derogatory phrase used by Qing-dynasty male authors to refer to female-female sex. The phrase is a metaphor for two members of the same sex acting as “mirrors,” with a play on the sound [mó] also emphasizing the absence of a phallus and penetration. The performance invites the audience into the world of intersecting queer femme Chinese American identity, through a journey of reclaiming slurs, embodying fluidity, and rejecting the common tendency to homogenize and westernize queer histories.

三_体_决_议  (_three_body_resolution) is comprised of limbs J加加 Zheng, Jasmine 思颖 Lin, and 啊那恺 Geshlider. The performance group probes questions of corporeality and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), physics and infinity, and tenderness and turmoil in telecommunication. Drawing on both critical and dunce theory as frameworks for their practice, the resolution will either move you to tears or start crying themselves in the process.

三_体_决_议 performed at GUYU Action International Performance Art Festival, as well as hosted a recurring performance & workshop series at MoCA Shanghai in 2018.